Forsvundet til Halloween - Original Soundtrack (Suite)

1. April 2022

This is a Suite based on the orchestral score I wrote for the Robert Nominated feature film FORSVUNDET TIL HALLOWEEN, Denmarks first Halloween movie! The score was recorded with a 52 piece orchestra.

"The musical score is a gem composed and conducted by Danish born composer Lasse Elkjær, the music is a fusion of both electronic and symphonic having the lions share of the work."


FORSVUNDET TIL HALLOWEEN – Biografpremiere 7. oktober 2021

11. Aug. 2021

Theatrical trailer for Denmarks first Halloween feature film FORSVUNDET TIL HALLOWEEN. 

Directed by Philip Th. Pedersen

Produced by Copenhagen Bombay

Written by Pelle Møller

Score by Lasse Elkjær

Songs by Patrick Spiegelberg

STICKS  - soundtrack suite

11. Jul. 2018

Original music composed by Lasse Elkjaer, cello performed by Tina Guo.

Lasse Elkjaer's score for the horror short movie Sticks was awarded for its music at Filmkraft2018 in Denmark, and an official Selection in the Music to Motion Picture category, at the Fulbright Association Los Angeles Film Festival.

"Sticks has an extremely exciting soundtrack, where both sound and music carry the horror to the point of excellence." -Filmkraft 2018


11. Aug  2019

THE EXPERIMENT (2010) is a historical drama based on true events that took place in Denmark and Greenland in the 1950’s. Since this is a strong and very moving movie with some of my favorite Danish actors, I decided to rescore several key dramatic scenes.


28. Jul. 2019

Music composed by Lasse Elkjaer
Recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra

This composition is a homage to my home in Scandinavia, and its wild and powerful nature.


29. Aug. 2019

Music composed by Lasse Elkjaer
Woodwind ensemble recorded in Los Angeles

Another homage to my home in Scandinavia, and its powerful and tranquil summer nature. All the pictures are taken by me while traveling through Denmark this summer.


19. Aug. 2019

Title: When it Strikes
Music and guitar by Lasse Elkjaer

When It Strikes tells the story of 15 year old Klara, who in order to help her mother out of debt to two local biker gang members, gets wrapped up in a theft of illegal fireworks from the boy she has fallen in love with.

The movie is directed by Danish award winning director Rikke Louise Schjødt, with score by Lasse Elkjaer, featuring Danish actors Elias Munk, Maise Maria Lassen, Marina Bouras, Henrik Birch and Steffen Eriksen.

Lost Souls Recording Session

21. July. 2018

Recording a large string ensemble with the Budapest Art Orchestra for the feature film Lost Souls.

ODENSE STORIES (music teaser)

9. July. 2018

Recording session with the Budapest Art Orchestra for the commercial, Odense Stories. This commercial was commissioned by the city of Odense in Denmark, which is the birth place of the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. 

50 Piece String Orchestra

1. Jun. 2016

Recording a 50 piece string ensemble with the Budapest Scoring orchestra for an upcoming album project.


17. Jun. 2019

Music composed by Lasse Elkjaer
Performed by the Los Angeles-based film scoring ensemble, Helix Collective conducted by Phil Popham at Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Los Angeles, March 16, 2019

MOVING IMAGES is a four piece suite, re-arranged and re-orchestrated for the Helix Collective by Lasse Elkjaer.


24. Jun. 2019

Music composed by Lasse Elkjaer
Mockup demo created in Pro Tools
Score created in Sibelius

For those of you who want to dig a bit deeper into MOVING IMAGES, you now have the chance to do a score study of the piece. The music itself is the demo I created when I re-arranged it for the Helix Collective ensemble. Some parts of the suite had to be condensed into the smaller instrumentation, and in some others, I took the creative liberty to try out several new ideas I had been interested in exploring, which didn’t make it into the previous versions.


5. Aug. 2019

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Lasse Elkjaer
Recorded at the Eastwood Scoring Stage - Warner Bros. Studios

Every adventure starts with a journey
Every journey starts with a struggle
Every struggle starts with a rebel
Every rebel starts with a home
Farewell to Home


11 Dec. 2017

Original Music composed by Lasse Elkaer. RAE is a science fiction film by Aaron Rovner.

RAE was 1 out of the 18 short movies I scored, while studying Scoring for Motion Picture and Television at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. It's directed by the very talented filmmaker and visual effects artist, and fellow USC graduate Aaron Rovner. The score is a combination of pulsing and ambient electronic, paired up with a live string orchestra. RAE was released on DUST, the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi, and has to this date got 300k+ views and is still going strong.


13. Sep. 2017

Original music composed by Lasse Elkjaer.

SOL means SUN in Danish. - To me, one of the most fascinating entities in the sky. A nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma that gives us life and keeps us alive. The heart of our solar system.